The following games where created during my 2 years at the Game Assembly

Projects made as part of Science and Magic. A group of 6 artists and 5 programmers that worked together during the second year at the Game Assembly. Each project had a deadline of 10 weeks at half speed.

Project: Cold Fusion – FPS project

Role: Level Designer, Enviromental Artist,  “Military advicor”

I did: Inside top floor Walls/Ceiling/Floor, Computer room props, Cellar level design (except for reactor room), Havok models, Ak5 and Sig Sauer P226.

Description: The secrets of cold Fussion has been revealed, but someone ordered the plans to be stolen. Take the role as the Swedish secret service agent Carl Engquist as he take on the mission to secure the inmformation and prevent a third world war.

Inspiration: Metal gear solid, Call of Duty, Goldeneye

Roots of Amazi – RTS project

Role: Lead Artist, AD, Level Designer

I did: Level design, Nature trees, Some tech props, Tech ranged unit, Ground textures.

Description: Take the command of the technocraty forces in thier struggle to secure the water supplies of the land.  Control your army to secrue controlpoints and gain the upper hand as you push into the the harsh wilderness of the north.

Inspiration: Dawn of War, War Craft 3


Arcturus – Space shooter project

Role: General Artist

I did: Asteroids, Concepts for insect ships, Insect carrier, Friendly transportship, Main menu.

Description: As a pilot of the confirmity you take your ship into space to defend the conformitys boundries against the treacherous rebels….and worse.

Inspiration: X-wing vs TIE fighter, Tarr Chronicles, Freespace


Earlier Projects made in groups of 4 programers and 4 artists. Each project was with a new group of people and were started from scratch and had an 8 week deadline at half speed.

Infected – Turnbased strategy

Role: Lead Artist, Enviromental Artist

I did:  Many of the props, level design of the last level, Delivery guy animations.

Description: You just left your broom in hte locker room when you hear a scraping noice on the door. Slowly you aproach the closed door and carefully push down on the handle. What meets you out side is horror! Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Inspiration: Xcom, Resident Evil


Space pirates – Topdown shoot ‘em up.

Role: General Artist, Level designer

I did: Level design, Enemy pirate ships, Backgrounds.

Description: The yearly space race is on and this year you should bloody damn win! So pull up the ancor and reel the sils you scurvey land lubbers! It’s time for the most explosive space shooter of this half of the black ocean of space!

Inspiration: Pirates! Aaaarh!


Kana – Point and Click adventure

Role: Lead Artist, “AD”, Level Designer

I did: The sidekick, Animations for kana and the sidekick, Level design, Eskimoes

Description: The evil wizard bunny has traveled the world and done many naughty things. But Kana is there to fix everything. So set out on a journey to restore order and harmony to the world.

Inspiration: Monkey Island, Goblins, Day of the Tentacle


Janitor – Text adventure

Role: General Artist

I did:  Half of the images like the Mall, the streets, the office.

Description: A text adventure of not very epic proportions. You just woke up and now you have to go to work. But where did you put those keys and what is that letter on the floor?

Inspiration: …

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